Abrasive Cord and Tape

SKU: 102-1000

Style: 49


Impregnated with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide for cutting or Crocus for ultra-fine polishing. (Crocus is an iron oxide abrasive which leaves a very fine finish on metals without scratching.) For use on hard and soft metals, ceramic, plastic and wood.

Great for cutting and polishing wire settings and small heads that are inaccessible to wheels and points.

Can be used by hand in small sawframes, hand drills and power tools. Simply loop, insert into the chuck and tighten securely. Won’t tear or fray and can be cut to any length. Tapes have abrasive on both sides.

Approximately 50' supplied in a handy dispenser.

Style # Style Diameter Grit Abrasive
49 Cord 0.082" 120 Alum. Oxide
50 Cord 0.070" 180 Alum. Oxide
51 Cord 0.055" 120 Alum. Oxide
53 Cord 0.040" 180 Alum. Oxide
54 Cord 0.030" 200 Alum. Oxide
54-H Cord 0.025" 200 Silicon Carbide
55 Cord 0.018" 200 Silicon Carbide
60 Cord 0.015" 200 Silicon Carbide
66 Cord 0.012" 280 Silicon Carbide
52-C Cord 0.055" Ultra-Fine Crocus
53-C Cord 0.040" Ultra-Fine Crocus
54-C Cord 0.030" Ultra-Fine Crocus
54-HC Cord 0.025" Ultra-Fine Crocus
55-C Cord 0.018" Ultra-Fine Crocus
60-C Cord 0.015" Ultra-Fine Crocus
66-C Cord 0.012" Ultra-Fine Crocus
56 Tape
0.093"W x
180 Alum. Oxide
57 Tape
0.125"W x
180 Alum. Oxide
56-C Tape
0.093"W x
Ultra-Fine Crocus

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