Arbe 20 Amp Digital Plating Machine

SKU: 212-2511



Arbe's 20 Amp Digital Plating Machine features a 5 amp pen plating output on the front panel with 20 amp plating output on the back allowing you to use one machine for both pen plating and traditional batch type plating.


  • Adjustable outputs: 0-30V and 0-20A Variable controls for both current and voltage outputs
  • Dual Output. 5Amp— Pen Plating Output On Front Panel,  20Amp—Plating Output on rear panel
  • Independent constant current & constant voltage adjustment
  • Input voltage: 110V
  • Low Ripple noise
  • Fused protection with overload and overheat protection
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions 8.250” W x 13” D x 3.5”H

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