Deluxe Professional Cleaning Kit

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Our Sonic-3L Digital 3 Qt Ultrasonic cleaner (851-4915) touts its high-power use for removing dirt and compounds from large batches of jewellery quickly and efficiently at a full 35,000Hz of Power at 150 watts. High quality and improved working effect, the Sonic-3L has a more professional tech design, contains dual heater protection, drain installed for easy draining of the water/solution, moisture proof interface, degas feature and industrial housing made of engineered resin for durability and long life. Includes durable on/off lid, jewellery cleaning plastic basket (Optional Metal Basket available (851-4917) and drain hose and detachable power cord.

The ultimate personal jewellery steam cleaner (853-0095)with its increased steam pressure will thoroughly amaze you by effortlessly blasting away filth from the dirtiest of jewellery in just seconds, even in the tiniest of nooks and crannies of intricate pieces. With its larger tank and steam capacity you may clean your entire collection of jewels and more with ease!

Our high-quality, lint-free gem cloth (820-0419) keeps your jewellery looking its absolute best. Removes dust and fingerprints quickly and easily, bringing back the luster in all your finest pieces. Comes completely free of abrasives and chemicals, so it's safe for use on all types of gemstones and metals. Leaves no residue behind-eliminates messy cleanup, keeping not only your jewellery but also your hands squeaky clean.

Our coated 10” steam tweezers (195-1900) are made of stainless steel. They are ideal for holding pieces that are being cleaned and have heat-resistant plastic-covered tips, for firm grip on workpiece without scratching.

One Quart of GemOro Super Concentrated Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution is provided. It has a 40:1 mixing ratio. Remove tough dirt, grease, hand cream and the toughest polishing compounds. 

  • 3 Liter Heated Ultrasonic W/Drain (851-4915)
  • GemOro Diamond Steamer Black (853-0095). 
  • High-Quality, Lint-Free Blue Cloth (820-0415)
  • Coated 10” Steam Tweezers (195-1900)
  • One Quart of GemOro Super Concentrated Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution (851-0901)

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