Durston Olivia™ C130 Combo Rolling Mill

SKU: 855-2025



What’s so revolutionary about the Durston Olivia™ C130 Combo Rolling Mill? Anyone can use it. Mills with even 4-1 or 5-1 gear reductions require real strength to operate, but the extraordinary 50-1 gear reduction in the new, patent pending easy-glide gearbox allows people of all abilities to use the Durston Olivia™ – even sitting down.

Like all Durston mills, the Olivia™ C130 Combo Rolling Mill has a solid, single cast body with induction-hardened rolls promising a lifetime of professional results. Made in the United Kingdom.


  • Extended side rolling area with 4 half-round grooves (1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm)
  • 11 Square wire rolling grooves
  • Main rolling area: 130mm
  • Flat rolling area: 75mm
  • Roll diameters: 60mm
  • Max sheet thickness: 6mm
  • Dimensions: 490 x 220 x 540mm (19.30” x 8.65” x 21.25”)
  • Weight: 70kg (155 lbs.)

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