Fretz Spinner Ring Jig Set

SKU: 670-4523



The Fretz Spinner Ring Jig allows you to form smooth, symmetrical concave bands for spinner ring. 

This innovative jig consists of a concave curved stamping mandrel (SRM-1) and two-hole steel faced block (SRB-1). The mandrel is designed to curve the band's edge one side at a time. The block supports the ring and lets the mandrel pass through as it is being flared with a hammer (sold separately).

  1. Hammer the mandrel’s end to gently flare one side of the ring.
  2. Count the blows so the other side can be done with the same force to maintain symmetry.
  3. Place the “spinner band” over the non-flared end of the band and repeat the flaring process to lock the “spinner” on.

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