GT Gold Testers

SKU: 817-1021

Model: GT-3000


Portable electronic devices for efficient and quick determination of gold karat values. The GT-3000 tests from 6 to 18K and pure platinum. The GT-4000 tests a full range, from 6 to 24K and pure platinum.

Gold Testers are not returnable once used.

Easy to use: A drop of conductive gel is dispensed onto the item to be tested. Thermal conductivity determines the reading, which is displayed on the LCD within 4 seconds. Match the reading to the chart that is conveniently imprinted on the Gold Tester to find correct karat value.

The GT-3000 and GT-4000 test yellow, white, pink and green gold. Accurate to ± 1 karat.

Each operates on two 9V batteries (included).

Comes with 1 tube of Gel. Gel refills are available and should be kept refrigerated until ready to use. Gel is not interchangeable between the two models, please order carefully. (GT-3000 Gel is off-white in color, GT-4000 Gel is pink.)



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