Jewelers' Best Friend Sink Trap

SKU: 856-1223

Size: 43 oz.


Stop losing precious metal waste which equates to money down your drain! Refining your precious metal waste has never been easier with the help of the "Jewelers' Best Friend" Sink Trap. This device is designed to capture/recover ALL precious metals from your waste water. 

Note: Rinsing two spoonfuls of granulated chlorine powder (available at pool supply stores) into your trap once per week will help maintain sanitary trap conditions and minimize odor.

The system comes in 3 convenient sizes; 43-ounce, 64-ounce, and 128-ounce. Each Jewelers' Best Friend comes complete with a pre-assembled main assembly with bottle and gasket, 1 replacement bottle and O-ring gasket and piping to hook up under your sink (8" (203mm) tail extensions and 90-degree elbow extensions). Replacement bottles available.

Made in the USA.

Note: Before installing your trap, check for minimum clearance from the middle of the drain pipe going into the wall to the floor of the cabinet. Refer to the following chart below 

Trap System Min Clearance Recommended Clearance
43-Ounce 12.5" | 318mm 14" | 356mm
64-Ounce 15.5" | 394mm 17" | 432mm
128-Ounce 20" | 508mm 20" | 508mm

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