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The faster, easier, more affordable way to get organized.

Printing labels from you PC or Mac is frustrating. Sure, you can buy sheets of labels for your laser or inkjet printer, but what if you need only one label? What if you don't have the time to fuss with confusing template files trying to get labels to look right? What if address labels aren't enough? Smart Label Printers are designed to print pressure sensitive labels, and they do it incredibly well. Need a single label? Print. Need twenty labels? Print. Need different types of labels? Print, swap and print again. Need it fast? Print. It's that simple.

Smart Label Printer 620

An affordable, entry-level desktop USB model, featuring Seiko Instruments' ultra-reliable direct thermal printer technology. Perfect for everyday label printing needs. Fast print speed, less than 2 sec. per label 200 DPI

Smart Label Printer 650

More speed. Higher resolution. A USB direct thermal printer producing 300 DPI labels at close to 4 inches per second. 1 sec. per label.

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