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Essential Flex Shaft Hanger with Bench ClampEssential Flex Shaft Hanger with Bench Clamp
Adjustable Flex Shaft Hanger
Foredom® Flex Shaft Hanger with ClampForedom® Flex Shaft Hanger with Clamp
Eurotool Flex Shaft Kit - 1/4 HPEurotool Flex Shaft Kit - 1/4 HP
Foredom Chisel Carving Kit with LX MotorForedom Chisel Carving Kit with LX Motor
Foredom® LX Deluxe Stone Setting Set
Grobet USA Flex Shaft Kit - 1/10 HP
Foredom® SR Deluxe Set
#Style_H.8#Style_H.8D (With Spring)
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Foredom #8 Handpiece
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Eurotool Flex Shaft with Reversible MotorEurotool Flex Shaft with Reversible Motor
Foredom® Dual Speed Control
Foredom® Angle Grinder
Foredom® Rotary Stone Setting Kit #2240Foredom® Rotary Stone Setting Kit #2240

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