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R&R Ultra-Vest:
Recognized worldwide as the premium investment for gold, silver, brass, and other non-ferrous jewellery castings. 

R&R Ultra-Vest MAXX:
An excellent choice for casting palladium white gold and plastic or resin pattern materials. Ultra-Vest MAXX can be used with yellow gold too.

R&R Plasticast:
Plasticast was developed for the investing and burnout of commonly used plastic or wax/plastic pattern materials. Ideal for resin models created in rapid prototype processes. 

R&R SC20 (Satin Cast 20):
SC20 (originally developed by Kerr) is recognized by the global jewellery casting industry as the benchmark for casting the highest quality gold and silver.

R&R Solitaire:
Enhanced to Allow Casting Stones Set in Wax Solitaire provides casters with superior stone protection and higher burnout temperature capacity than other investment materials, providing castings with a cleaner dewax and fewer surface defects.


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