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PH3 Handpiece Motors

All Power Hand 3 rotary handpieces are two-part design so heads and motors can be switched to create new combinations to best suit your particular job. Use the system configuration chart (see tab above) to determine what heads and motors can be used together. Backed by a limited warranty that covers wear parts for 90 day and overall balance of parts for 6 months. Made in Japan.

Note: Lower RPM motors have more available head options, while higher RPM motors are limited to either the Slender Head or Standard Head configurations.

There are 6 motors from which to choose: 3 High-Torque, 2 Standard (General Purpose), and 1 High-Speed.

Motors: M-08X M-15X M-30X M-20X M-35X M-55X
Min RPM: 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Max RPM: 8,000 15,000 30,000 20,000 35,000 55,000
Max. Torque:
9.8 8.8 6.8 6.4 5.4 3.6
Application: High-
Standard* Standard* High-
Net Weight: 6.2 oz. 6.2 oz. 6.2 oz. 4.25 oz. 4.25 oz. 3.2 oz.

* High-Torque Motors are for heavy grinding applications where high torque is required. When selecting a head attachment, please refer to the maximum rpm speed of the head attachment (see Motor/Head Compatibility tab above).
Standard Motors are small, lightweight motors for general purpose finishing. Fits comfortably in hand. For use with Standard Head and Slender Head attachments only (see Motor/Head Compatibility tab above).
The Z-55X High-Speed Motor is the lightest, fastest, and most comfortable high-speed motor. For use with Standard Head and Slender Head attachments only.(see Motor/Head Compatibility tab above).