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Essential Flex Shaft Hanger with Bench ClampEssential Flex Shaft Hanger with Bench Clamp
Centering Punch
Diamond Twist Drill Set #61-80
4" Mini Needle File Handle4" Mini Needle File Handle
Swiss Pattern Hand File Starter Set
Silicone Finger GuardsSilicone Finger Guards
Magic Boric Soldering Dip
Kool Lube Paste - 2oz.
Fretz Spinner Ring Jig SetFretz Spinner Ring Jig Set
GEMORO® Horizon LED Task Lamp
Durston Planishing Press/HammerDurston Planishing Press/Hammer
UberLight™ Flex 4100TL LED LightUberLight™ Flex 4100TL LED Light
UberLight™ Flex 3100TL LED LightUberLight™ Flex 3100TL LED Light
Eurotool Flex Shaft with Reversible MotorEurotool Flex Shaft with Reversible Motor
Foredom® Bench Lathe with Spindles
Pneumatic Jeweler's Bench Stool
Pocket Scale M100XP, 100G X 0.01G
Heavy Duty Bench Shear 6"
GEMAX Pro II Digital Microscope
The Compact Torch Kit
Ferris Utility Wax, 3" x 6" x 1/8"

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