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Essential Flex Shaft Hanger with Bench ClampEssential Flex Shaft Hanger with Bench Clamp
Centering Punch
Diamond Twist Drill Set #61-80
Swiss Pattern Hand File Starter Set
Silicone Finger GuardsSilicone Finger Guards
Fretz Spinner Ring Jig SetFretz Spinner Ring Jig Set
4" Mini Needle File Handle4" Mini Needle File Handle
Kool Lube Paste - 2oz.
Magic Boric Soldering Dip
Durston Planishing Press/HammerDurston Planishing Press/Hammer
UberLight™ Flex 4100TL LED LightUberLight™ Flex 4100TL LED Light
GEMORO® Horizon LED Task Lamp
Jumbo Wax ReamerJumbo Wax Reamer
MB Formula Melting Flux
UberLight™ Flex 3100TL LED LightUberLight™ Flex 3100TL LED Light
Eurotool Flex Shaft with Reversible MotorEurotool Flex Shaft with Reversible Motor
Foredom® Bench Lathe with Spindles
Pneumatic Jeweler's Bench Stool
Pocket Scale M100XP, 100G X 0.01G

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