3M Roloc Scotch-Brite Discs (10)

SKU: 845-1152

Size: 1"
Colour/Grit: Brown (Coarse)


The Roloc design makes changing discs easy: the threaded male button on the back of each disc allows firm mounting to Roloc Disc Holders. Discs lock securely in place with a half-twist, and can be removed with a half-twist in the opposite direction. Discs are colour-coded or have colour-coded button for easy grit identification.

Use with right-angle grinders.

These discs remove burs with ease, leaving metal surfaces ready for final finishing. Can also be used to remove light rust, oxides and coatings. Mount on Roloc Disc Holders

Discs are available in 3 diameters: 1", 1-1/2" and 2" in Coarse (brown), Medium (maroon), and Very Fine (blue).
Sold in Packs of 10 Discs

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