4" Felt Laps

SKU: 284-4145

Thickness: 1/4"
Hardness: Hard


Pure wool felt laps uniquely made to ensure proper hardness and performance.

All have pinhole centers.

Maximum operating speed: 3,450rpm.

Felt has earned and deserved a reputation for centuries for outperforming all other polishing materials. Felt provides the perfect "home" for polishing compounds and slurries of all types. Here are the secrets of felt's success:

  • Felt's porosity accepts fine abrasive particles and continually presents an even, sharp, cutting action.
  • The resiliency of felt helps to conform the polishing surface to the part.
  • As felt wears, it always presents an identical medium for polishing compounds.
  • The ability to machine felt to close tolerances makes it possible to offer the exact felt profile required to match the profile of the part.

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