Anti-Oxidizing Flux

SKU: 830-4500

Size: 4 oz. Spray


Anti-Oxidizing Flux for hard soldering preserves the finish of the piece being soldered. When properly applied, completely protects it from firescale, reducing the need for time-consuming pickling, stripping and, in some cases, sanding and filing. Repolishing becomes easy after soldering.

Prevents discolouration and oxide buildup on all metals in which copper is used as an alloy and is especially recommended for use when soldering silver. Makes your hard soldering tasks so much easier than ever before! Nonhazardous and nontoxic.

Available in 3 sizes: 4 oz. Spray Bottle, 16 oz. (1 Pint) Bottle with or without a pinpoint dispenser, and 1 Gallon.

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