Bench Setter's Microscope

SKU: 271-3045



Lightweight yet durable, the Bench Setter's Microscope boasts an all-metal aluminum alloy body with premium components and chemical-resistant finishes providing stability and durability for a lifetime of dependable use.

The easily maneuverable boom stand with friction arms, focus block and padded headrest ensures superb flexibility and comfort. Entire assembly can be easily positioned and quickly swung away when not in use. Friction arms lock in place when needed. Focus block securely holds microscope body. Dimmable Ring Light (included) with extra-bright LED bulbs provides cool, glare-free illumination. Fits many other competitive microscopes as well. Made In China.

  • Binocular scope body can be rotated 360° and locked in any position. Standard 10X eyepieces with magnification Range of 3.5X-45X.
  • High-resolution optics for yielding upright and unreversed stereoscopic images
  • Rugged all-metal bodies and components designed to last a lifetime
  • Ergonomically positioned bilateral zoom controls

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