Black Pitch

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Traditional, ready-to-mix pitch for holding and supporting jewellery during engraving, chasing, etc. Especially useful for holding objects too small or delicate to hold in an Engraver's Block. Use in a pitch bowl and set it into ring pad for a convenient engraving fixture.

Black pitch can be mixed with plaster or pumice and linseed oil to make various grades of hardness. Complete instructions for mixing and use are included.

Supplied in an 8 oz. container.

How to use Pitch:
With several ways to embed an object into the pitch, the most common is to heat the pitch and place the part to the desired depth. Another method that works well for some pieces is to heat it and place it on the unheated pitch. Some users like to heat both the pitch and the part. A small propane torch works fine as a heat source, but care is necessary to avoid overheating the pitch. A superior heat source is an electric heat gun.

Softening the Pitch
From above, heat the surface of the pitch with a torch or heat gun. When using a torch, DO NOT put the flame against the pitch. If material starts to smoke, the flame is too close. Soften the surface, not melt it, with the heat waves. Test the surface with the edge of a coin or tool until the desired softness is obtained. Carefully press the item you want held into the softened material and let cool.

Once the pitch has set firmly, the embedded part is ready for work. When the work is completed, reheat the pitch and remove the piece. Some parts can be removed without reheating the pitch. Pitch that adheres to the part can be removed with a degreasing solvent.

Cleaning the Pitch
Soften, then pick out debris with a knife or tweezers. Wipe cooled material with degreasing solvent.

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