Busch Burs, Inverted Cone, Fig. 3 (Pkg. of 6)

SKU: 122-0004

Size (mm): 0.60


Made of tungsten vanadium steel for strength and durability. Teeth are precision machined and uniformly spaced so cutting is accurate and smooth.

Maximum safe speed varies with bur size and is indicated on the box. Use a good lubricant, such as Gesswein Lube-Stik, to facilitate cutting and prolong tool life. Burs measure approximately 1-3/4" long with 3/32" shank. Made in Germany.

Busch Inverted Cone Burs are available in diameters 0.70 to 3.70mm. All have a 12.0o angle (refer to "Technical Specs" below for more details).

Six-piece minimum order. Please order in multiples of 6.

Technical Specs:

  • Busch Bur sizes correspond to the OD of the bur head. Shank diameter is 2.38mm (3/32"). Overall length is 44.5mm (1-3/4"). The overall length may vary slightly due to extra length in the head or neck.
     OD L Angle Busch #
     0.70  0.62  12.0o  007
     0.80  0.71  12.0o  008
     0.90  0.80  12.0o  009
     1.00  0.88  12.0o  010
     1.20  1.06  12.0o  012
     1.40  1.24  12.0o  014
     1.60  1.41  12.0o  016
     1.80  1.59  12.0o  018
     2.10  1.86  12.0o  021
     2.30  2.03  12.0o  023

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