Busch Burs, Twin Cut Cup, Fig. 411T (Pkg. of 6)

SKU: 121-1530

Size (mm): 1.00


The concave cutter from Busch with outstanding TWINCUT blade geometry for quick and precise working.

Prong settings have to be rounded-off, smoothed and often shortened. With the new 411T Twincut, all three steps can be undertaken quickly and safely in a single operation!

Special advantages of TWINCUT:
  • Rapid removal of material due to the new TWINCUT blade geometry.
  • Rapid discharge of material through two chip channels.
  • Easy handling: simply position the tool and start working.
  • Filigree cutter walls create additional room for closely spaced prongs.
  • High cost-efficiency due to the robust TWINCUT blade geometry.

Available in 9 sizes from 1.0mm to 2.0mm diameter. 3/32" shank. 

Sold in Packages of 6

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