Castaldo® Econosil® Silicone Rubber Strips - 5 lbs.

SKU: 260-1660



Castaldo® Econosil® Jewellery Molding Rubber is a harder, firmer but still flexible version of the Castaldo Super High Strength™ silicone jewellery molding rubber at a lower cost. Firmer molds mean less variation in final cast weights, greater detail and less distortion. Molds compress less during injection and thus avoid squeezing off wax flow through thin channels. It’s ideal for filigree and other fine details. Rubber shrinkage is only 1.1%.

Just like Castaldo Super High Strength™ jewellery molding rubber, Econosil® is a putty-like material that makes strong, tough, production rubber molds. Molds made of Castaldo Econosil® cut like butter, give waxes with a high shine finish and require no messy sprays or powders. Waxes self-release easily. Vulcanizes at 330-350 F (165-176 C).

Sold in 5 lb. boxes of 2-7/8” x 18” strips. Made in Thailand.

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