Castaldo® LiquaCast Long-Life RTV Liquid Mold Rubber - 8kg Kit

SKU: 260-1672



LiquaCast Long-Life is a 2-part liquid rubber that makes extremely strong, tough and tear-resistant molds. Molds will not soften or liquefy over time and will last for decades! Perfect for complex molds, difficult undercuts, spirals and cores. It is compatible with most computer-generated CAD-CAM resin and difficult to mold CAD-CAM wax patterns.

Molds have a glossy, shiny surface that produces waxes with a glossy, shiny surface. Final castings require less polishing.  Rubber shrinkage is 0%. Low viscosity makes it easy to measure, easy to mix, easy to vacuum and easy to pour.

Mix ratio is 1:1 by weight or volume. Cure time is 24 hours. Rapid cure time @150°F (65°C) is just 90 minutes. Use with Liquid Rubber Mold Frames.  LiquaCast Long-Life rubber is yellow in color and is packaged in plastic containers in two-part kits. 

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