Cera Point Starter Set

SKU: 351-0629



Wondering which grit of CERA will work for your application? Try our money-saving set of the most popular 5 x 15 shape. One of each grit (red 80, blue 120, green 220, purple 320 and orange 500). Coarser grits (red, blue) cut quickly; medium (green, purple) remove light scratches; fine (orange) removes fine scratches and leaves a smooth finish that is ready for polishing. 

This revolutionary product contains ceramic particles mixed in a rubber carrier. Its special properties allow the ceramic abrasive to always be exposed to the polishing surface, ensuring high efficiency and no clogging. For soft (gold, silver) and hard metals, including steel, stainless steel, and platinum. 

Maximum speed is 30,000 RPM

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