Citric Acid Pickling Compound

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Citric acid pickle IS safer to use than standard pickling compound but just as effective for removing firescale and flux after soldering operations. Citric Acid is a mild organic acid, colourless and odorless. It's gentle on skin and fabrics but tough on firescale and flux residue.

Heat the citric acid in your pickle pot for fast SAFE effective cleaning of gold, silver, and platinum. You can even use steel tweezers and binding wire – Citric Acid won't cause copper contamination. Citric Acid is long lasting and retains its effectiveness even after repeated use.

Our Citric Acid is sold in 2 lb. (4 cups) wide-mouth jars. Use 2 cups of Cirtric Acid per quart of tap water in your pickler to make a concentrated solution. Use more or less to vary the concentration as desired.

Note: Gesswein Pickling Compound is recommended for removal of casting skin and deep firescale. Citric Acid is the safe choice for every day use when quenching after soldering.

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