Ferris® File-A-Wax® Tubes

SKU: 261-5380

Style #: B-875
Colour: Green


Start your model making with the finest carving wax in the industry, File-A-Wax. It’s the accepted standard in the industry for making a wide variety of designs, especially detailed carvings.

File-A-Wax is easily turned on a lathe. It burns out cleanly from flasks. Cannot be steam dewaxed. Not recommended for wax injectors.  Available in 3 colour-coded hardness grades and 9 shapes (all are 6" long):

Green: A very hard wax, it can’t be flexed. Ideal for sharp edges and for intricate carvings and delicate engraving.

Purple: General purpose, hard with some flexibility.

Blue: Less hard and more flexible than green or purple. Good for rounded surfaces and less intricate designs.

Tubes and bars measure 6" long. Tubes have 5/8" diameter finger hole. They can be easily cut to your specifications. Tubes are ideal for shaping rings. Bars are solid and are best suited for making items such as cuff links, charms and medallions.

Style# Description Dimensions
B-875 Solid Round Bar 7/8" O.D.
B-1062 Solid Round Bar 1-1/16" O.D.
T-875 Round Tube with
Centered Hole
7/8" O.D.
T-1062 Round Tube with
Centered Hole
1-1/16" O.D.
T-1062E Round Tube with
Off-Center Hole
1-1/16" O.D.
T-150 Flat Top Tube 1"W x 1"H
T-100 Flat-Top Tube 1"W x 1-1/8"H
T-250 Med. Flat Top Tube 1-1/8"W x 1-1/8"H
T-200 Large Flat Top Tube 1-3/16"W x 1-5/16"H

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