Degussit Ruby Midget Files, 50mm

SKU: 350-4000

Shape: Square


Ruby Midget Files are invaluable for high detail and ultra-precision work. They may be broken off and cemented onto a holder or used with a pin vise. Fine grit only.

Shape mm Dimensions Inch Equivalent
Square 50 x 1mm 2" x 0.04"
Round 50 x 1mm 2" x 0.04"
Triangular 50 x 2mm 2" x 0.08"
Flat 50 x 3 x 0.3mm 2" x 0.12" x .017"

*All dimensions have tolerance of ±0.1mm.

Ruby Stones are the ideal choice for deburring, blending, dressing, and fine polishing of molds & dies made of hard metals such as hardened tool steel, carbide and surgical stainless steel. Jewellers use them for sharpening of carbide and high speed steel engravers and other tools.

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