Elite Silicone Wheels

SKU: 145-0016

Colour/Grit: Gray/180 Grit
Size/Style: 5/8" Square Edge
Package Size: Package of 10


These popular wheels contain silicon carbide grit for the most efficient cutting on nonferrous metals. We've added a silicone rubber bond for flexibility and smooth finishing, a combination that allows the 180 and 220 wheels to cut aggressively but leave a finish smooth enough to go right to final polishing.

Use our Gray Wheels to remove deep scratches and burs quickly.

Use our Green Wheels for removing light scratches.

Our Pink Wheels produce an ultra-high shine on gold and silver and will not scratch or mar stones, so you can work in those tight areas right next to stones.

(Also available in 1/2" cylinders for finger hole polishing).

All wheels have 1/16" arbor hole. Max. operating speed: 10,000rpm.

Sold in packages of 10 or 100.

Made in Italy.

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