Finger Guard Safety Tape

SKU: 816-0203

Size/Package: 3/4" (Single Roll)


Offers ideal protection during buffing and grinding, benchwork and other jobs for which gloves are too awkward. Protects fingers, hands and wrists from the common hazards of sharp edges, hot surfaces and abrasive materials.

Made of surgical-grade gauze coated with natural latex rubber. Sticks only to itself, not to your skin, hair or clothing. Fast and easy to apply, painless to remove. Readily conforms to smallest body contours while letting skin breathe.

Will not leave behind stain or residue. Dry to the touch. Choose from 3/4" and 1" wide rolls, both of which measure 90' long. 

The tape contains latex.   

Made in USA.

Sold by the roll and in packages of multiple rolls.

Note: to maintain adhesive quality during long term storage, store in a zip lock bag away from heat and direct sunlight.

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