Foredom® Hammer Handpiece #15

SKU: 850-1270

Item: H.15


The #15 Handpiece has hammering rather than rotary action for use at low speed (0-5,000 rpm) by jewelers for stone setting and decorative work. Comes with an anvil point. It requires periodic lubrication.

Hammer has 1/32" stroke and its impact can be adjusted from light to heavy by turning the silver knurled adjusting ring.

Optional points are available: an Anvil Points Set with 6 different shapes, a pave point, and a carbide stylus.

With the addition of a Duplex spring, #15D is more flexible than the standard model. Used for very delicate work and when more precise control is needed. Recommended for experienced flex shaft users.

Instructions for Foredom Hammer Handpieces #15 and #15D

Hammer Handpieces are supplied with an anvil point. If anvil points are reshaped they must also be polished with a grinding wheel or sandpaper.

Operation: The H.15 and 15D, handpieces can be operated at speeds from 0–5,000 RPM (or intermittently up to 7,500 RPM). Use at higher speeds will create excessive heat which will damage the handpiece.

Changing Points: Insert the pin through the cross hole in the anvil or carbide stylus point. Hold the handpiece firmly and unscrew the point in a counterclockwise direction. (Right hand thread.) A new point can be installed by threading it into the nosepiece and tightening it with the pin.

Adjusting Impact: The impact of the stroke is adjusted by turning the knurled ring on the handpiece– counterclockwise towards the tip for a lighter impact– and clockwise towards the back of the handpiece for a heavier impact.

Lubrication: Before disassembling nosepiece, be sure to clean off any dirt or other foreign matter to prevent it from falling inside the handpiece. Lubricate after every 10 hours of use. Apply no more than 2 drops of oil into the oiling hole located on the barrel of the handpiece and into the hole on the rear of the duplex spring connection of the H.15D. Other hammer tips are sold separately.

Always wear safety glasses when using power tools.


The Foredom Electric Company warrants its product to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of 90 days after purchase. During the warranty period, the defective product will be repaired or replaced without charge or, at our option, the purchase price will be refunded. This warranty does not cover damage caused in transit or by accident, misuse, or ordinary wear. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF FITNESS AND MERCHANTABILITY, ARE HEREBY LIMITED IN DURATION TO A PERIOD ENDING 90 DAYS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE, AND WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Repair or replacement will be made at our option if the product is returned post-paid to:

The Foredom Electric Company

16 Stony Hill Road
Bethel, CT USA 06801

All warranty repairs must be done at the factory at the above address. We will not pay any shipping or transportation charges. This warranty only covers the original purchaser of the product. 

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