Foredom Wax Carver

SKU: 265-2113



Offers outstanding features at a great price. Ultra-compact 2-1/2"W x 2"D x 1"H control box occupies very little of your precious bench space.
Lightweight handpiece with cork insulation and drip reservoir keeps your fingers cool so you can work comfortably. Extremely flexible 41" long handpiece cord gives you added maneuverability.

Includes 3 brass tips which can be easily modified with files or pliers to create custom shapes. Tips included are Knife, Straight Taper, and Small Spoon.
Has six dial settings for approximate heats: Low (95°F), Setting 2 (200°F), Setting 3 (340°F), Setting 4 (425°F), Setting 5 (525°F) and Max. (560°F). Includes detachable power cord with 6V transformer.

Shipping weight: 1 lb. Made in Japan. 110V.

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