Gesswein® Diemaker Stones - Square (5/32", 1/4", 3/8")

SKU: 415-0001

Size: 5/32" x 5/32" x 4"
Grit: 100


Gesswein Diemaker Finishing Stones (Boxes of 12)

  • A great general-purpose finishing stone.
  • Contains brown aluminum oxide which is tough, blocky, and a faceted abrasive grit.
  • Generally used wet but can be used dry for roughing applications.
  • All mold and tool steels of all hardness such as A2, D2, S7, H13, P20, 420SS, and soft non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum and Beryllium.
  • Wide array of sizes and shapes including Hybrid (half-square/half-round).
  • Also available in Sets.

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