Glitter Side Cutter

SKU: 180-0233



Lightweight, well-balanced solid stainless steel chain-nose pliers with turquoise PVC grips speckled with silver glitter to add a little extra fun to your work. Feature precision-ground tips for securely gripping the tiniest wires and threads, sturdy box-joints and double leaf springs.

Pliers in this series measure 4-1/2" to 4-3/4" long. These nippers are semi-flush cutters with jaws that measure 1/2" long.

There are 5 pliers and nippers in the pretty Glitter Pliers Series (listed below). Also available in a 5-piece set containing one of each in a blue canvas roll-up with velcro closure.
2. Flat-Nose
3. Round-Nose
4. Bent Chain-Nose
5. Nippers (you are on this page)

6. Set of all 5 Glitter Pliers

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