GRS® Engravers Blocks

SKU: 821-6000

Style: Standard Block


The Magnablock and the Small Block are extremely well-made devices used to hold objects firmly for engraving, stone setting and general-purpose work. Each holds both large and small items.

Features heavy weight and adjustable drags for keeping the workpiece in the proper position. Uses two industrial ball bearings and a large roller thrust bearing to eliminate side play and wobble. Includes rubber ring pad with Nylon glides, upper jaw plates, five pins and wrench.

Available with or without 30-Piece Attachment Set.
  • Solid steel construction for exceptional durability
  • Adjustable friction lock from zero to full lock for crown rotation control
  • Nonglare satin finish on body, black oxide finish on jaws for protection
  • Precision-machined parts for smooth, efficient operation
  • Easily adjustable working angles for comfort
  • Made in USA 
Model: Standard Block Magnablock
Diameter: 5-1/8" 5-3/4"
Jaw Size: 2-1/2"W x 1-1/2"H 3"W x 1-3/4"H
Max. Jaw Opening: 3" 3-1/2"
Net/Ship Weight: 19/22 lbs. 30/33 lbs.

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