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Never before has an all-in-one system given the user so much versatility and control. Features a simple selector knob for choice of hand or foot operation of your handpiece: the touch element, based on unique GRS Airtact technology, offers pressure-sensitive hand control for precision work; the traditional foot pedal offers standard foot control when you prefer that instead.
A breakthrough in versatility and control!
The new GraverMach AT is wonderfully familiar to anyone who uses its predecessors including the GraverMax, GraverMax SC or the original GraverMach. But the expanded capability of precise, selectable hand control puts this new power tool in a class by itself. The hand control technology is based on the GRS Airtact. This advanced (patent pending) air logic system provides hand power control without adding moving parts to the handpiece itself. The result is a rugged and intuitive way to control handpiece power by hand. But remember, when foot control is preferred, it’s only 2 seconds away.

Requires an air compressor that provides at least 1.4 CFM of oil-free air at 45 PSI. Includes precision foot pedal, dual-stage air regulator, air hoses and quick-disconnect handpiece fittings for use with all GraverMach handpieces.

GraverMach AT includes:
  • U.S. style IEC electrical cord plus Schuko adapter
  • Foot control
  • Multi-mount air filter

Available alone or in kits with your choice of the GRS #901 or #940 Handpieces:

* Colour may vary, either blue or gray.

GRS #901 Quick Change Handpiece
GRS #940 Magnum Quick Change Handpiece

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