Handy® Flux

SKU: 830-4466

Size: 7 oz. (with Brush in Lid)


White paste flux used for hard soldering of silver, gold, platinum, copper, nickel and other nonferrous metals. Flux is critical to the brazing and soldering process because it minimizes the oxidation that may form on both the brazing filler metal and the materials being joined. Apply with brush. Holds solder chips in position for easier soldering. A very durable flux which can withstand prolonged heating without breaking down.

Handy Flux is an all purpose, low temperature flux for use in brazing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys. Handy Flux is an active fluoride/borate-type flux which begins to melt and dissolve oxides at 600° F (320° C). Fully molten at 1100° F (600° C), it provides excellent protection of parts up to 1600° F (870° C). Cleans up with hot water.  Available in 7 oz. with a brush on the lid, 1 lb., 5 lbs.

Conforms to AMS 3410 and AWS A5.31 FB3A.

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