Knew Concepts Titanium Soldering Strips (Clamps)

SKU: 812-1291



Inspired by British Master Goldsmith James Miller, these titanium strips can be easily bent into a wide range of specialized custom clamps for jeweller’s hard soldering operations.

Titanium has several advantages over traditional steel clamps when it comes to soldering. Solder doesn’t stick to it. Enamel doesn’t stick either. It stays strong when red hot. It doesn’t erode and flake away at heat, so your clamp tips can be smaller.

Most importantly, titanium doesn’t transfer heat nearly as quickly as steel clamps, so it interferes with nearby joints less than steel clamps do.

These strips—made in the USA, are sold in a pack of 10, annealed “blanks” as straight 4" strips, to allow you to bend your own ideal clamp designs.

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