Luxor® Compounds

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Colour/Style: Pink


Luxor® compound by Merard is manufactured in France to the highest precise specifications, using the highest quality of aluminum oxide and best of all: silica-free! The aluminum oxide significantly reduces your work time and helps you efficiently and effectively prepare all metal surfaces for finishing.

Luxor® compounds are non-greasy and can easily be cleaned from your jewellery after final polishing. Luxor® compounds are highly effective using smaller amounts, thus saving money by not using excessive amounts of compound.

All compounds are colour coded for easy visibility and identification. Set consists of one each of the Pink, Green, Gray, Blue, White, Yellow, and Orange compounds. Refer to the chart below for which compound is best used on each metal and its specific applications.

All Luxor® compounds weigh 110g (approx 4oz.) and measure 80mm length x 30mm diameter (approx. 3-5/32"L x 1-3/16"). Compounds are also available individually

Colour Grit Used on/Metal Application /Operation
Pink 6.5 µ Gold, Platinum, Silver Preparation, Removing Tough/Deep
Scratches, and Imperfections
Green 3 µ Gold, Platinum, Silver Preparation, Removing Medium
Scratches, Imperfections, and Blending
Gray 1 µ Gold, Platinum, White Gold Preparation, Removing Light
Scratches, Imperfections, and Blending
Blue 1 µ Gold, Platinum, Silver Final Finishing, Removing Minor
Scratches and Imperfections
Yellow 0.5 µ Gold, Platinum, Silver Pre-Finishing and/or Final
Finishing Preparation
Yellow 0.3 µ Gold, Platinum, Silver Fine Polishing/Finishing
Orange 0.1 µ Gold, Platinum, Silver Extreme Mirror Finish,
Final Polishing

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