Matt™ Wax Ring Blanks

SKU: 261-7500



Contains 6 pieces of 1" long wax ring blanks. Included are 2 each: Purple, Green, and Blue in assorted sizes and shapes.

Formulated to meet the demanding specifications of professional wax carvers. Compounded with special care to avoid contamination, pitting and air bubbles. Accurately shaped to minimize preparation time.

Set contains 2 each of these three colour-coded grades of flexibility:

  • Green (rigid) cuts clean and crisp. Excellent for detailed carving and milling. Melting temperature: 230°F.
  • Purple (all-purpose) is easy to work. Good for chip carving. Melting temperature: 225°F.
  • Blue (bendable) works for items that require flexibility. Melting temperature: 220°F.

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