Mini Variable Speed Double Polishing Motor

SKU: 854-4026



For those looking for a polishing motor that won’t break the bank, ARBE has the answer.

The ARBE Mini Variable Speed Double Polishing Motor is a 1/6 HP Motor with a variable operating speed of 1,800-7,000 RPM.

Small and Compact (6”W X 4-1/2”D X 5-1/4”H), it makes the perfect complement when mated with the ARBE Bench Vac (854-4025) to make a small powerful Dust Collector With Motor (854-4028).

With sturdy rubber feet, the Mini Polishing Motor sits perfectly inside the ARBE Bench Vac or run it on its own on your countertop or bench.

Shaft height is 4" therefore it can take a 4" buff.

Weights 12lbs.

One-year manufacturer's warranty.  Made in China.

ARBE Mini Vari Speed DBL Motor PM-117
Electrical: 110V/60Hz/1Ph
Shaft height: (inches / mm) 4 / 102
Horsepower: 1/6
(WxDxH) inches
(WxDxH) mm

6 x 4.5 x 5.25
152 x 114 x 133
Weight: (lbs. / kg) 12 / 5.5

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