Norton® Bear-Tex® Wheels - 3" x 3/4"

SKU: 845-0240

Grit: 150


For quick removal of marks, scratches and surface imperfections. Also great for producing a consistent satin finish. Made of a cushion-type nylon web impregnated with Silicon Carbide abrasive.


  • Fast-cutting fine grit silicon carbide abrasive provides a reduced cut rate and is recommended for better finishes and form holding
  • Advanced resin bond prevents shedding on rust-encrusted pieces and gouging and rework; does not snag when used for deburring
  • Hold shape well for less wheel dressing
  • Good choice for general purpose light deburring applications
  • All unified wheels can be used dry or to decrease the heat and improve the finish can be run wet or with oil
  • Unified wheels can be run in either direction
  • 1/4" Arbor Hole

Beartex does not load or heat up. Great for pre-finishing platinum.

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