NSK Emax EVOlution

SKU: 8231

Set: Ring Type Standard Set



One of the best micromotor systems in the world.  The lightweight handpiece allows you to work for long periods with minimal fatigue.  The digital display enhances safety and efficiency and the compact and functional design makes the unit portable. Soft-touch switches permit easy operation and long service life.


  • Forward/Reverse Switch
  • One Touch Tool Changing
  • Patented special dust protection mechanism
  • High performance samarium cobalt magnet
  • Extremely quiet operation from low to high speed with stepless speed adjustment
  • Dual handpiece ports for increased work efficiency

Kits Include:

  • Handpiece
  • Collets (1/8" & 2.35mm)
  • Controller (NE249)
  • Handpiece Holder
  • Handpiece Stand
  • Wrenches 

Motor Model Standard Set Torque Set
Speed 1,000-40,000 min-1( rpm) 1,000-25,000 min-1(rpm)
Weight (w/o Cord) 3.17 oz. 5.19 oz.
Max. Torque 4.3 cN·m 4.8 cN·m
Output Power 73W 76W

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