Nylon Jaw Pliers, Flat-Nose

SKU: 180-0001

Item: Nylon Jaw Pliers Flat-Nose


The Nylon Jaw Series of Pliers are made of heavy-duty stainless steel with box joints for stability and dark blue plastic comfort grips. These are powerful heavy-duty pliers designed for bending and forming.

Feature replaceable nylon jaws which grip firmly without marring. All nylon jaws can be easily customized by filing or carving.

Flat-Nose Pliers are for general-purpose work. Jaw size: 1" long x 7/16" wide.  Overall plier length varies from 5.25" (135mm) to 5.75" (146mm).

Made in Pakistan

There are 5 pliers in the Nylon Jaw Series, listed below.

1. Flat-Nose Pliers (you are on this page)
2. Ring Bending Pliers
3. Bracelet Bending Pliers
4. Ring Closing Pliers
5. Ring Holding Pliers

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