OptiVISOR® AL Set with Acrylic Lenses

SKU: 270-1204



The word OptiVISOR is a name that jewellers have come to rely on for many years. Now available in a set that includes the OptiVISOR AL headset and (4) interchangeable lightweight acrylic lens plates (#3, 4, 5, and 7). Lenses can easily be changed/snapped in and out depending on your work demand by simply snapping one in place while taking out the one you had in use. Self-locking adjustment dial is still the standard for getting a good fit on any size head while utilizing the genuine leather band for comfort and safety. Each Acrylic lens is ground and polished to optical standards and thus provides a clear sharp view of what you are working on. 

Made in USA.

Kit/Set Includes:
  • OptiVISOR AL Headset
  • #3 Lens Plate (270-1205, 1.75X, Focal Distance=14”)
  • #4 Lens Plate (270-1206, 2.0X, Focal Distance=10”)
  • #5 Lens Plate (270-1507, 2.5X, Focal Distance=8”)
  • #7 Lens Plate (270-1207, 2.75X, Focal Distance=6”)
Key Features:
  • Leaves your hands free
  • Optical Prismatic Lenses
  • Tilts up for convenience
  • Adjustable headband
  • Can be worn over prescription or safety glasses
  • Interchangeable lens plates (#3, 4, 5, and 7) for various applications

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