PEPE Ring Stretcher w/ Ductile Frame ULTRA Series

SKU: 856-0382



Designed from the ground up, this ring stretcher by Pepetools sets the bar on quality, consistency, and reliability. They engineered this product starting with the heart of the machine, the spline. The spline is machined from solid tool steel billet. Concentricity is key when creating an even, smooth stretch of a solid band. Each of the 6 splines starts on a CNC lathe, machined and then reamed on the inside diameter to create a perfectly concentric cone. This proprietary process took years of work, tooling, and knowledge to create something unique.

Not stopping at the spline, the reduction die is machined from solid billet (most on the market are cast). The 16 countersunk dies are machined 8 to a side on a 4.5" disc that is nearly 1" thick. Each countersunk hole is machined with specialized tooling resulting in a perfect 17 degree angle.

The spline, reduction die, and all steel parts are polished and plated in a durable hard finish for a lifetime of use.

In addition to the revolutionary design process, they have taken it a step further. They are the first manufacturer to introduce an optional Delrin reducing die as well as pushing rod. This is a huge advantage when reducing bands of softer materials. A durable Delrin reducing die and push rod will help protect against marring. Whether it is a coin-ring, solid gold or platinum band, or any other non ferrous material - this Ring Stretcher by Pepetools will be a workhorse in your workshop.

  • 6 Spline Stretcher
  • 16 Countersunk Reducing Die
  • Rack and Pinon Gear Drive
  • High Polish Finish
  • Ductile Cast Body
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • 4 Mounting Holes
  • Optional Delrin Reducing Die & Pushing Rod
  • Smooth, Easy Piston and Rod Action
  • Made in USA
  • Sizes up to a size 16 US band

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