PEPETOOLS® “Gold Standard” Aluminum Mandrels

SKU: 841-1154

Style: Standard


Not All Mandrels are Created Equal! PEPETOOLS has recognized how jewellers struggle with non-matching ring mandrels and finger gauges.

For decades, sizing a ring has been problematic due to the mandrel and sizing set on the sales counter not matching the mandrels in the shop. This lack of compatibility leads to costly mistakes, lost time and worst of all, loss of business for the retail jeweller.

PEPETOOLS “Gold Standard” Mandrels and Ring Sizing Sets are designed and manufactured to match every time…Guaranteed!

Every “Gold Standard” mandrel is checked for accuracy and manufactured to ISO prescribed tolerances thus a perfect match every time! Regardless of how many mandrels (steel or aluminum) and ring sizing sets a jeweller purchases, they are ALL guaranteed to match every time!

Aluminum (Standard and Grooved size 1 - 16, ¼ size increments)

Made in the USA.

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