PEPETOOLS® Thermocontroller & Magnetic Mixer Set

SKU: 212-0732



Because hotplates heat from underneath the beaker, and the glass commonly used for beakers is a very good insulator, these units take a long time to heat and fail to provide accurate, consistent temperature control. This set solves these problems by heating your bath from within and constantly stirring it to maintain even temperature. Suitable for small and large baths. Heats a 2-liter bath to 125°F in 30 minutes.

Includes Thermocontroller with coil and sensor and Magnetic Mixer with stirring pellet. Thermocontroller face glows blue when bath is not hot enough and green when at temperature, allowing you to see at a glance when solution is ready for use. Has a control dial and switch for displaying temperature in °F or °C. Measures 4.8"W x 5.9"D x 1.4"H.

Magnetic Mixer has a control dial that allows you to fine-tune stirring speed. Measures 3.0"W x 6.9"D x 5.1"H.
  • Dual voltage for use anywhere in the world.
  • Speed control for agitation.
  • Small footprint takes up less space on your work bench.
  • Sensor and heater in solution provide far superior temperature control.
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius readout.
  • Controller faceplate changes from blue to green when desired temperature is reached.

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