Plum Muslin Buffs, Stitched

SKU: 140-6660

Size: 4" X 40 PLY


Chemically treated to impart an amazing finish on precious metals. The special treatment creates a firm buff and greatly reduces wear. Plum Muslin Buffs retain compound extremely well, producing a brighter finish than other buffs.

Plum Buffs last much longer than Yellow and White Muslin Buffs. They cut faster when used with Tripoli and produce a brighter finish when used with Yellow Glow or Rouge.

Made of fine-weave muslin with combed edges; all with highest quality thread count of 86/80. Leather centers hold buffs firmly on tapered spindle.

x Ply
Style Rows of
4" x 40 Stitched 3
5" x 45 Stitched 3
6" x 50 Stitched 4
6" x 38 Razor-Edge 11

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