Quatro CB-1 Single-Spindle Desktop Polisher

SKU: 854-1496



The CB-1 single spindle desktop polisher is unique in the market because it provides both a HEPA filter and a sealable filter bag in a compact, bench top unit.

The 1/2 HP, single speed, (3,450rpm), open, filtered Cool Blue polishing motor is self-cooling, drawing air in on one side and discharging it on the other. Accommodates up to a 6" buff.

Easily inspect your work with the included 2X magnifier. This 7" (17.74cm) diameter magnifier and debris shield has a separate on/off switch to operate the LED lights. Installed on 13" (33cm) long, fully adjustable swivel arm.

Keep your area clean with 2-stage filtration. Uses both sealable cube-style filters, which can be sent to your refiner to reclaim gold dust and a 99.97% effective HEPA filter.

Backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Made in Canada.


  • 2-stage filtration: Sealable cube-style bag (854-1427), True 99.97% HEPA filter (854-1415).
  • Convenience: Dust collector starts when you start the polishing motor.
  • Cool Blue open filtered polishing motor (1/2 HP, single speed, 854-1079) with tapered spindle has emergency "Safety-Off" switch and is vibration isolated for extra quiet operation.
  • Magnifier/Debris Shield, 2X Magnification (854-1537*) with LEDs.
  • Debris capture/intake inlet - 4.5"W x 1"H (114.3 x 25.4mm).
  • Intelligent control panel to monitor filter usage as well as bag-full indication.

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