Quatro Clearview Hood with LED Lighting & Drawer

SKU: 854-2188



Helps you reclaim more precious metal and keeps your shop cleaner. Features solid metal construction, with top and front made of durable acrylic for optimal viewing of polishing operations. Includes rubber sweeper strips in front and at the spindle inlet to provide maximum containment of precious metal and compound dust.

This model has a special drawer below the ClearView that captures and stores precious metals and keeps them out of the way.

Works on left or right side of polishing motor. Has 3" rear inlet for dust collector hose.

Measures 15"W x 17"D x 14-1/2"H. Comes supplied with LED lights, installed in a bracket to fit on top of the hood, as shown in the photo for clear viewing of your polishing. LED light with the bracket (854-2082) sold separately, 

Assembly required. Weighs 15 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates contaminants / debris from breathing zone.
  • Contains all contaminants within enclosure.
  • Can be connected to dust collector or purifier.
  • Side opening suited for working with a lathe/bench motor.
  • Flexible rubber wiper gaskets contain contaminants yet provide quick easy hand access.

Note: Clear front panel may become scratched after years of use or very heavy-duty use and is easily replaceable. Replacement panels (854-2085) are sold in packages of 2 and do not include hinges or rubber wiper gaskets.

Made in Canada

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