R&R® Plasticast with BANDUST™ (44 LB)

SKU: 260-4815



Introducing BANDUST™ Technology from R&R. Based on 3rd party industrial hygienist air sampling test results, new BANDUST™ technology significantly reduces total respirable dust — up to 99% compared to other brands of jewelry investment. Additional testing was conducted during the quench phase of the casting cycle and the report concluded no measurable respirable dust from BANDUST™ flasks.

Casters using BANDUST™ products indicate noticeably less dust overall during the investing process with the added benefit of improved housekeeping overall. Casting quality is maintained with excellent final casting results and no process changes are required during the investing stage.


  • Up to 99% less respirable dust exposure during the investing process depending on which conventional investment you use.
  • No measurable respirable dust during quench.
  • Less total dust overall during the investing process.
  • The high standard of casting excellence that only R&R provides.
  • 44 lb. box.

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