Sanding Detailer™ Multi-Functional Sanding Tool

SKU: 107-3740

Grit/Colour: 220 Grit (Black)


The Sanding Detailer™ is ergonomic shaped tool ideal for metal finishing, woodworking, welding cleanup, auto body finishing, mold finishing, jewellery making, gun repair and so much more.  

The tool features three working areas, a tapered end, a flat bottom and a rounded end making it ideal when finishing any surface. An enclosed spring helps to maintain proper belt tension. Available with replaceable belts in 8 different grits.

See chart below for grits and their corresponding colours.  Abrasive is a precision micron-graded aluminum oxide resin-bonded to a polyester film backing. For close tolerance finishing on metals and plastic surfaces. Non-loading for longer life and greater efficiency. 

Colour Grit Microns
Black 220 60
Gray 270 50
Red 320 40
Green 400 30
Orange 600 15
Yellow 800 14
White 1000 12
Blue 1200 9

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